Mission Africa Programs

Education Assistance Program

"Invest in a Young Generation for a strong nation"

Education for All Underserved ( EAU) is currently planned and focusing but not limited to children and youth from the resource poor families of Ngima and Bugabo Divisions in Mbinga and Bukoba rural districts respectively. This program will mobilize resources to provide education support at all levels with major emphasis to early learners (those in elementary schools).

Mission Africa-Tanzania believes that a strong nation needs a good pool of the learned and exposed citizens. And that a strong foundation is built right from the roots, hence giving a child a good and quality education will go further to translating into a strong nation. In Africa, we believe that we are what we learnt from both our parents and teachers in our early ages!!. The emphasis here will be placed mainly in girl’s education.

Agriculture and Nutrition

"Healthy People- Healthy Planet"

Lack of health care is still a big concern in Tanzania especially in the undeserved areas. The degree of risk of contracting infectious diseases is very high and mostly attributed to the lack of adequate sanitation and health care in these areas.

Mission Africa–Tanzania health and Nutrition program creates real, lasting change for children and their communities. Together with our compassionate staff and partner (NIVUTA), we help build healthy communities for children in the world’s most impoverished places. This is all done by God's love.

The area is highly exposed to the following diseases:

  1. Food and Waterborne diseases such as Bacterial and Protozoan Diarrhea, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid Fever,
  2. Vector borne diseases such as Malaria,
  3. Water contact diseases such as Schistomiasis,
  4. HIV/AIDS. There is currently over 16.1% of the adult population (18 - 49) living with HIV/AIDS in Tanzania. According to UNICEF, Tanzania currently has approx. 140,000 children under the age of 14 years living with HIV,and more than 1.5 million orphans (of which approximatly 510,000 are orphaned by AIDS).