Achievements and Activities


Mission Africa-Tanzania has supported the communities in the following ways;

  1. Education Support: Six (6) Students in Universities
  2. Education Support: Thirty one (31) Students in Secondary schools
  3. Education Support: Thirteen (13) Pupils in Primary schools
  4. Entrepreneurship: Four (4) Women and Youths for entrepreneurship projects
  5. Donation of computers to schools and Medical Centers
  6. Donation of medical equipments to underserved Medical Centers
  7. Donation of wheel chairs to disabled persons in Tanzania

Activities and facilities

Mission Africa – Tanzania is benevolent organization full of smart passionate office at the cutting edges of health, education and technology. Its collaborative spirit shall continue to grow towards achieving its goals.

  1. Distribution of donated items
  2. Participating in University, Form IV and Form VI Graduation Ceremonies

Provision of facilities like stocking of school libraries

Mission Africa-Tanzania found it important to provide libraries within each school where students/pupils, staff, and often parents of schools in the underserved areas of Tanzania have access to a variety of resources such as books, and information technology. Our Goals are;

  1. To establish libraries and providing books to the underserved areas of Tanzania.
  2. To install refurbished computers in the libraries where students, teachers and other users will access them.
  3. To strengthen the teachers' abilities to provide students with proper knowledge
  4. To ensure these libraries serve as a center for all materials used in these school.

Research have demonstrated that school libraries have a positive impact on student/pupil achievements. Students with access to well-supported school library with qualified library specialists, have performed better regardless of their socio-economic statuses. You can become part of this program by either providing financial support to purchase books, donating books, volunteering to train librarians or becoming a librarian in these schools.