Our Goal, Mission and Approach


The goal of Mission Africa-Tanzania is to ensure that at least 60% of all children born and raised in the UNDERSERVED rural areas of Kagera and Ruvuma regions to have grown into productive adults and attained higher education by 2040.


To improve lives of the vulnerable resource poor communities at risk by fighting illiteracy, poverty and preventable diseases in underserved areas of Songea, Mbinga, Missenye and Bukoba rural districts. Mission Africa– Tanzania therefore focuses on ensuring:

  1. Access to quality education for the vulnerable children and youth,
  2. Access to improved computer knowledge and skills for learning and connecting to other parts of the world,
  3. Access to improved nutrition and health of school children and their care-takers,
  4. Access to sustainable rural income generating opportunities for local communities with emphasis to youth and women.


  1. Always work with the local communities to ensure ownership and sustainability,
  2. Establish volunteer programs from within and outside the country targeting USA for cultural diversity, knowledge and experience sharing,
  3. Engage the children, youth and young women in learning who in turn will train others for scalability,
  4. Work with local and other development partners with the similar mission,
  5. Establish and implement the sustainability plan.