Who we are

How did Mission Africa-Tanzania come about?

Emil and Regina Kapinga, both Tanzanian nationals currently based in Seattle, USA have always had a vision to support the underserved children and youth in their villages to excel in their education so that they can change the lives of their poor families. However their dreams could not be realized while they themselves hardly coped with the tremendous requests for the same assistance from their close relatives and friends.

Emil and Regina, all born and raised in the rural areas of Mbinga and Bukoba districts respectively, remember that in their own small villages (Ngima and Kishenge) for the past thirty years, very few children have excelled in their school education to the university levels.

"This haunted us every time we visited our home villages. Therefore in the visit we made in 2010, we returned back determined that although we can’t solve all the problems, we can be part of the illiteracy fighters to bring the positive impact in the young peoples’ lives. Their dreams should not be shattered because they were born in the underserved villages. Hence we went ahead and established Mission Africa-Tanzania with partners with the USA based Mission-Africa currently supporting education in South Eastern Nigeria”. Says Emil

Mbinga and Bukoba rural districts, both are more than 1500Kms away from a commercial city- Dar es Salaam which has all the services. Likewise are Missenye and Songea districts where many of their relatives live. The infrastructure is very limited for access to the major social services which other districts enjoy.

Affected mostly include education at all levels, health mainly for women and children and the economic status of the local communities mainly women and youth. Emil and Regina, believe that addressing the above issues will contribute significantly to improved livelihoods of the communities.

For Missenye and Bukoba rural, the situation was more aggravated by the pandemic of HIV/AIDS since 1983 which has left a big number of children as orphans in the hands of their grannies, distant relatives and even the older children. Hence many cannot afford secondary school fees, school uniforms leave alone books and stationery.

There are 160,000 children living with HIV and more than 1 million children orphaned by AIDS in Tanzania. Likewise according to the existing records, a big percentage of the young women in Tanzania are also affected by HIV/AIDS. In 2008, women comprised over 60 percent of people living with HIV. Majority are among the 15-24 age group, which comprises almost 75 percent of the total women living with HIV. Grandmothers and other relatives often provide invaluable support to orphans, but these children are still more vulnerable to poverty, sexual abuse and poor nutrition than children who live with both their parents.

Therefore Emil and Regina, firmly believe that Mission Africa-Tanzania can play a significant role in people’s and economic development as well as poverty reduction targeting children, youth and young women as the major agents of change. By partnering with the communities and other local development agencies, Mission Africa will take the approach of reaching one village after the other. We believe that with determination and commitment, together we will impact lives of the underprivileged.

Emil and Regina counts on the fact that every little step counts, no matter how slow it might be, as long as it is in the right direction–Plato

Emil and Regina selected two major colors (Green and Sky blue) for the logo with the purpose. “These colors have the major message for the young generation who are targeted. As a matter of fact, children and all young people, always have super dreams for their future lives which we refer to as Sky Bluing. However with time, their dreams get shattered when they either lose their parents; miss school education etc. It is therefore our desire to restore these dreams. On the other hand, the green color is a symbol of a productive healthy life. We know that a healthy and productive plant is characterized by the GREEN COLOR. Hence it is our mission to restore these dreams so as to enable them live healthy and productive lives”. Says Regina ;